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TANCET 2008 Quant - Word Problems, Equations

Algebra Question 15

A charity solicited P persons over the phone who agreed to an average pledge of Rs.R each. Q of these people who had pledged an average of Rs. S each never sent in the pledged amount. Which of the following expressions represents the percentage of pledged money that the charity received?
  1. 100*(PR/QS)
  2. 100*(QS/PR)
  3. 100 (PR - QS)
  4. 100(1-QS/PR)
  5. 100(PR-QS/PR)

Correct Answer : 100(1-QS/PR). Choice (4)

Explanatory Answer

Total amount solicited from P persons, each of whom agreed to pledge Rs.R = Rs.P*R

Of these Q did not send the pledged amount. Average value of amount not sent = Rs.S.
Hence, the total amount pledged but not received = Rs.Q*S

The charity therefore, received Rs.(PR - QS)
Expressing the amount received as a percentage of amount pledge, we get ((PR-QS)/PR)*100
Or, the expression can be rewritten as 100(1-QS/PR)

Level of difficulty : Easy

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