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Inequalities Question Bank - Sample Problems

A collection of questions that typically appear from the topic Inequalities. These are interesting questions and can be solved within 2 minutes in most cases, if one knows the basics of inequalities.
  1. Question 1   Which of the following inequalities have a finite range of values of "x" satisfying them?

  2. Question 2   For what range of values of 'x' will the inequality 15x - CAT - Math Sample Question - Inequalities > 1 hold true?

  3. Question 3   Find the range of real values of x satisfying the inequalities 3x - 2 > 7 and 4x - 13 > 15.
    Correct Answer

  4. Question 4   Solve the inequality 33x-2 > 1

  5. Question 5   Solve for real 'x' if > 0?
    Explanatory Answer

  6. Question 6   For what values of 'x' will the function be defined in the real domain?
    Explanatory Answer

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