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Races - Circular and straight : Sample Questions

A collection of questions that typically appear from the topics of Circular Race and Straight races.
  1. Question 1   In a 200m race, if A gives B a start of 25 metres, then A wins the race by 10 seconds. Alternatively, if A gives B a start of 45 metres the race ends in a dead heat. How long does A take to run 200m? Explanatory Answer

  2. Question 2   In a kilometre race, A can give B a start of 100 m or 15 seconds. How long does A take to complete the race? Explanatory Answer

  3. Question 3   A gives B a start of 10 metres in a 100 metre race and still beats him by 1.25 seconds. How long does B take to complete the 100 metre race if A runs at the rate of 10 m/sec? Explanatory Answer

  4. Question 4   A predator is chasing its prey. The predator takes 4 leaps for every 6 leaps of the prey and the predator covers as much distance in 2 leaps as 3 leaps of the prey. Will the predator succeed in getting its food? Explanatory Answer

  5. Question 5   A can give B a start of 50 metres or 10 seconds in a kilometer race. How long does A take to complete the race? Explanatory Answer

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