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Pipes cisterns, Work time Question Bank

CAT, XAT, TANCET, PGSEM tests have questions from Work, Time & Pipes, Cisterns topic
A collection of questions that typically appear from the topics of pipes & cisterns, work & time.
  1. Question 1   Ram completes 60% of a task in 15 days and then takes the help of Rahim and Rachel. Rahim is 50% as efficient as Ram is and Rachel is 50% as efficient as Rahim is. In how many more days will they complete the work? Solution

  2. Question 2   A tank is fitted with 8 pipes, some of which that fill the tank and others that empty the tank. Each of the pipes that fills the tank fills it in 8 hours, while each of those that empty the tank empties it in 6 hours. If all the pipes are kept open when the tank is full, it will take 6 hours to drain the tank. How many of these are fill pipes? Solution

  3. Question 3   Working together, A and B can do a job in 6 days. B and C can do the same job in 10 days, while C and A can do it in 7.5 days. How long will it take if all A, B and C work together to complete the job? Solution

  4. Question 4   Four men and three women can do a job in 6 days. When five men and six women work on the same job, the work gets completed in 4 days. How long will a woman take to do the job, if she works alone on it? Solution

  5. Question 5   Shyam can do a job in 20 days, Ram in 30 days and Singhal in 60 days. If Shyam is helped by Ram and Singhal every 3rd day, how long will it take for them to complete the job? Solution

  6. Question 6   Pipe A usually fills a tank in 2 hours. On account of a leak at the bottom of the tank, it takes pipe A 30 more minutes to fill the tank. How long will the leak take to empty a full tank if pipe A is shut? Solution

  7. Question 7   A, B and C can do a work in 5 days, 10 days and 15 days respectively. They started together to do the work but after 2 days A and B left. C did the remaining work (in days). Solution

  8. Question 8   X alone can do a piece of work in 15 days and Y alone can do it in 10 days. X and Y undertook to do it for Rs. 720. With the help of Z they finished it in 5 days. How much is paid to Z? Solution

  9. Question 9   A and B can do a piece of work in 21 and 24 days respectively. They started the work together and after some days A leaves the work and B completes the remaining work in 9 days. After how many days did A leave? Solution

  10. Question 10 : A can complete a project in 20 days and B can complete the same project in 30 days. If A and B start working on the project together and A quits 10 days before the project is completed, in how many days will the project be completed? Solution

  11. Question 11 : A father can do a certain job in x hours. His son takes twice as long to do the job. Working together, they can do the job in 6 hours. How many hours does the father take to do the job? TANCET 2008: Solution

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