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TANCET 2008 Quant Question 11 : Equations, Expressions


A clothing manufacturer has determined that she can sell 100 suits a week at a selling price of Rs. 200 each. For each rise of Rs. 4 in the selling price she will sell 2 less suits a week. If she sells the suits for Rs. x each, how many rupees a week will she receive from the sales of the suits?
  1. (x^2)/2
  2. (200 - x/2)
  3. 50x - (x^2)/4)
  4. 150x - (x^2)/4)
  5. 200x - (x^2)/2)

Correct Answer :  . Choice (2)

Explanatory Answer

The selling price per suit is Rs. x
The price of the suit is Rs. (x - 200) more than Rs.200.

For each Rs.4 increase in price over Rs.200 she sells 2 suits lesser.

So, the reduction in number of suits =
So, in the new price of Rs.x she sells 100 -
Or she sells
So, at Rs. x per suit she sells

Alternative Method

Assume that she sells the suits at Rs.204; then she will sell two suits lesser or 98 suits.

Substitute x = 204 in each of the answer choices and check where the answer is 98.

For choice (2), the answer is 98 and this is the quickest way to find the answer.

Level of difficulty : Easy

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