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Permutation and Combination - Quant/Math - CAT 2016

Question 4 the day: June 10, 2002

The question for the day is from the topic Permutation and Combination.

There are 5 Rock songs, 6 Carnatic songs and 3 Indi pop songs. How many different albums can be formed using the above repertoire if the albums should contain at least 1 Rock song and 1 Carnatic song?

(1) 15624
(2) 16384
(3) 6144
(4) 240
Correct Answer - (1)


There are 2n ways of choosing n objects. For e.g. if n = 3, then the three objects can be chosen in the following 23 ways - 3C0 ways of choosing none of the three, 3C1 ways of choosing one out of the three, 3C2 ways of choosing two out of the three and 3C3 ways of choosing all three.

In the given problem, there are 5 Rock songs. We can choose them in 25 ways. However, as the problem states that the case where you do not choose a Rock song does not exist (at least one rock song has to be selected), it can be done in 25 - 1 = 32 - 1 = 31 ways.

Similarly, the 6 Carnatic songs, choosing at least one, can be selected in 26 - 1 = 64 - 1 = 63 ways.

And the 3 Indi pop can be selected in 23 = 8 ways. Here the option of not selecting even one Indi Pop is allowed.

Therefore, the total number of combinations = 31 * 63 * 8 = 15624

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