Miscellaneous Questions from Verbal reasoning, vocabulary, puzzles that appear in CAT, XAT and TANCET

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Miscellaneous : Verbal Reasoning, Vocabulary, Puzzles

A collection of questions that typically appear in the Common Admission Test (CAT), XAT, TANCET, PGSEM, FMS, IIFT, SNAP from a variety of topics. These questions, for want of a better classfication, have been grouped under the category Miscellaneous questions. These questions will guide you through your CAT and other MBA entrance exam preparation.
  1. Question 1 : Vocabulary   Which of the following choices is closest in meaning to the word that is capitalized.
    2. PLEONASM ..
    Answer and Explanation

  2. Question 2 : RC   In nearly all human populations a majority of individuals can taste the artificially synthesized chemical phenylthiocarbonide (PTC). However, the percentage varies dramatically--from as low as 60% in India to as high as 95% in Africa. That this polymorphism is observed ....
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  3. Question 3 : Shares & Stocks   Which amongst the following investments has the lowest return?
    Answer and Solution

  4. Question 4 : Sentence Completion   It sounds ______ that if a low carb diet can prevent a second heart attack from occurring, it should also be able to ______ the first occurrence.
    Answer and Explanation

  5. Question 5 : Logical Puzzle  The classic problem of a monkey and the greased flag pole. The height of a certain flag pole is 30 feet. Grease is applied to the pole. A monkey attempts to climb the pole. It climbs 3 feet every second but slips down 2 ft in the next second. When will the monkey reach the top of the flag pole?
    Answer and Solution

  6. Question 6 : Number Puzzles   How many squares can be formed using the checkered 1 * 1 squares in a normal chessboard?
    Answer and Solution

  7. Question 7 : Logarithm   How many zeroes are there between the decimal point and the first significant digit in (1/9)200 given log103 = 0.4771?
    Answer and Explanation

  8. Question 8 : Logarithm  If log102 = 0.3010, then find how many digits are contained in the number 256?
    Answer and Solution

  9. Question 9 : Logarithm   How many digits will the number 3200 have if the value of log103 = 0.4771?
    Answer and Solution

  10. Question 10 : Partnership   A and B enter in to a partnership and A invests Rs.10,000 in the partnership. At the end of 4 months he withdraws Rs.2000. At the end of another 5 months, he withdraws another Rs.3000. If B invests a certain sum in the partnership at the beginning of the year and leaves it intact and receives Rs.9600 as his share of the total profit of Rs.19,100 for the year, how much did B invest in the company?

  11. Question 11 : Stocks & Shares   Ram buys Rs.100 shares at Rs.112. If he sells the shares after a year at Rs.132 after receiving a dividend of 8% just before selling, what is the net yield on his investment?

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