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Logical Reasoning : Puzzles

The DI section of the CAT paper has LR questions. LR questions could appear as a caselet followed by two to five questions. Or it could appear as one question for a caselet. In the latter avatar it consumes a lot of time and hence it is better skipped in the first go. You could get back to these questions if time permit. Such questions do appear in XAT and other B School entrance tests. TANCET MCA has a LR section and one could expect to see such questions.


The classic problem of a monkey and the greased flag pole. The height of a certain flag pole is 30 feet. Grease is applied to the pole. A monkey attempts to climb the pole. It climbs 3 feet every second but slips down 2 ft in the next second. When will the monkey reach the top of the flag pole?
  1. 56 seconds
  2. 27 seconds
  3. 60 seconds
  4. 55 seconds

Correct Answer

Choice (4). 55 seconds

Explanatory Answers

Every two seconds the monkey gains 1 ft. Climbs 3 feet in the first second and slips 2 feet in the next.

However, when it reaches 27ft, in the next jump (3ft upwards) it will reach the top.

It will take 27*2 = 54 seconds to reach 27ft & then 1 sec to reach the top. Hence 55 seconds.

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