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TANCET 2008 Quant Question 15 : Trapezium Area : Mensuration

Mensuration Question 14

ABCD has area equal to 28. BC is parallel to AD. BA is perpendicular to AD. If BC is 6 and AD is 8, then what is CD?

  1. 4
  2. 6

Correct Answer :  . Choice (4)

Explanatory Answer

The given shape is a trapezium.
Area of a trapezium =

28 =

Height = 4.

BA is perpendicular to BC and AD.

So, drop a line parallel to BA from C to meet AD at E.
CED is a right triangle with side CE measuring 4 and ED measuring 2 units.

Hence, CD, the measure of the hypotenuse =

Level of difficulty : Moderate to Difficult

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