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TANCET 2008 Quant Question 4 : Work Time


A father can do a certain job in x hours. His son takes twice as long to do the job. Working together, they can do the job in 6 hours. How many hours does the father take to do the job?
  1. 9
  2. 18
  3. 12
  4. 20
  5. 16

Correct Answer : 9 hours. Choice (1)

Explanatory Answers

The father completes the job in x hours.
So, the son will take 2x hours to complete the same job.

In an hour, the father will complete 1/x of the total job.
In an hour, the son will complete 1/2x of the total job.

So, if the father and son work together, in an hour they will complete 1/x + 1/2x of the job.
i.e., in an hour they will complete 3/2x of the job.

The question states that they complete the entire task in 6 hours if they work together.
i.e., they complete 1/6<sup>th</sup> of the task in an hour.

Equating the two information, we get 3/2x = 1/6
Cross multiplying and solving for x we get 2x = 18 or x = 9.

The father takes 9 hours to complete the job.

Correct Answer (1)

Level of difficulty : Moderate

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