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Mensuration, Solid Geometry Question Bank & Answers

Mensuration, Volume, Area, Perimeter, Circumference questions that appear in PGSEM, XAT, CAT, TANCET
A collection of questions that typically appear in the TANCET, XAT, CAT from the topic Mensuration. These questions will guide you through your CAT, TANCET, XAT and other MBA entrance test preparation.
  1. Question 1   A 5 cubic centimeter cube is painted on all its side. If it is sliced into 1 cubic centimer cubes, how many 1 cubic centimeter cubes will have exactly one of their sides painted?
    Answer and Explanation

  2. Question 2   The area of a square field is 24200 sq m. How long will a lady take to cross the field diagonally at the rate of 6.6 km/hr?
    Answer and Explanation

  3. Question 3   The circumference of the front wheel of a cart is 30 ft long and that of the back wheel is 36 ft long. What is the distance travelled by the cart, when the front wheel has done five more revolutions than the rear wheel?

  4. Question 4   If the sides of a triangle measure 72, 75 and 21, what is the measure of its in radius?
    Answer and Explanation

  5. Question 5   A 5 cm cube is cut into as many 1 cm cubes as possible. What is the ratio of the surface area of the larger cube to that of the sum of the surface areas of the smaller cubes?
    Explanatory Answer

  6. Question 6   If each interior angle of a regular polygon is 150 degrees, then it is
    Answer and Explanation

  7. Question 7   Four horses are tethered at 4 corners of a square field of side 70 metres so that they just cannot reach one another. The area left ungrazed by the horses is:
    Explanatory Answer

  8. Question 8   A square sheet of paper is converted into a cylinder by rolling it along its length. What is the ratio of the base radius to the side of the square?

  9. Question 9   The surface area of the three coterminous faces of a cuboid are 6, 15, 10 respectively. Find the volume of the cuboid.
    Explanatory Answer

  10. Question 10   If the diagonal and the area of a rectangle are 25 m and 168 m2, what is the length of the rectangle?
    Answer and Explanation

  11. Question 11   A 4 cm cube is cut into 1 cm cubes. What is the percentage increase in the surface area after such cutting?
    Answer and Solution

  12. Question 12   A regular hexagon is inscribed in a circle of radius r cms. What is the perimeter of the regular hexagon?
    Explanatory Answer

  13. Question 13   If x units are added to the length of the radius of a circle, what is the number of units by which the circumference of the circle is increased?
    TANCET 2008: Explanatory Answer

  14. Question 14   ABCD has area equal to 28. BC is parallel to AD. BA is perpendicular to AD. If BC is 6 and AD is 8, then what is CD?

    TANCET 2008: Explanatory Answer

  15. Question 15   Which of the following figures has the largest area?
    1. A circle of radius
    2. An equilateral triangle whose sides each have length 4
    3. A triangle whose sides have lengths 3, 4 and 5

    TANCET 2008: Explanatory Answer

  16. Question 16   The hexagon ABCDEF is regular. That means all its sides are of the same length and all its interior angles are of the same size. Each side of the hexagon is 2 m. What is the area of the rectangle BCEF?

    TANCET 2008: Explanatory Answer

  17. Question 17   Ram a farmer, managed to grow shaped-watermelons inside glass cases of different shapes. The shapes he used were: a perfect cube, hemi-spherical, cuboid, cylindrical along with the normal spherical shaped watermelons. Thickness of the skin was same for all the shapes. Each of the glass cases was so designed that the total volume and the weight of the all the water-melons would be equal irrespective of the shape.

    A customer wants to buy water-melon for making juice, for which the skin of the water-melon has to be peeled off, and therefore is a waste. Which shape should the customer buy?
    XAT 2012 Question: Explanatory Answer

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