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Progressions - AP, GP, HP - Practice Questions

A collection of questions that typically appear from the topics Sequences and Series - AP, GP and HP.
  1. Question 1:   What is the sum of all 3 digit numbers that leave a remainder of '2' when divided by 3?
    Answer and Explanations

  2. Question 2:  Obtain the sum of all positive integers up to 1000, which are divisible by 5 and not divisible by 2.
    Answer and Explanations

  3. Question 3:  The sum of the three numbers in A.P is 21 and the product of their extremes is 45. Find the numbers.
    Answer and Explanations

  4. Question 4:  A piece of equipment cost a certain factory Rs. 600,000. If it depreciates in value, 15% the first year, 13.5 % the next year, 12% the third year, and so on, what will be its value at the end of 10 years, all percentages applying to the original cost?
    Answer and Explanations

  5. Question 5:  The sum of third and ninth term of an A.P is 8. Find the sum of the first 11 terms of the progression.
    Answer and Explanations

  6. Question 6:  Given A = 265 and B = (264+263+262+...+20)
    Answer and Explanations

  7. Question 7:  How many 2-digit positive integers are divisible by 4 or 9?
    Answer and Explanations

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